KOHA is the first and MOST WIDELY USED open source

Koha is an open source system, meaning the software is free to anyone to download, install and use.

However, in offering a fully hosted services platform for Koha we aim to solve the practical problems libraries have in actually deploying the Koha LMS. Providing a web-enabled server to run it on, installing and configuring the application, migrating the existing data, training the staff and sourcing the technical skills to support and update the software are non-trivial undertakings for many library operations.

On top of that there are the extra tools, extensions and know-how that only come from detailed experience with the application. Examples of extras we have introduced include better handling for the Internet Explorer V6 browser, global change functions for management of biblio records, tools to load data from spreadsheets, a journals a-to-z style e-list for your electronic journal collections and a "recent purchases" display for the OPAC. When our clients require a new feature we will often implement it without charge if it is of general interest to the community and not an inordinate amount of work.

This, together with your own instance of Koha, shared data link, ongoing upgrades, bug fixes and email support, is covered by a small once-off setup cost and a monthly hosting fee of $100 per month for all but the largest library catalogues. In determining our pricing, a key objective is to keep the basic cost of ownership as low as possible by not charging clients for services which they may not require (one of our libraries has 800,000 plus items in its catalogue incurring additional costs for storage and backup).

If you are migrating an existing catalogue, Koha can import from MARC format records or other sources (a spreadsheet or a tagged export file for example). You are welcome to undertake this task yourself, bearing in mind that you will need to do a certain amount of data cleaning and remapping of fields to ensure a good result. Alternatively, you can commission us to do the data conversion and we will use our tools and experience to merge different data sources and avoid issues such as duplication of bibliographic items in the catalogue. Migration of your existing patrons data is a similar story but less complicated than migrating the catalogue.

In summary, the GST inclusive prices of migrating your existing library management system to Koha are:

Once-off costs

Website setup $330
Configuration - banner, styles, business rules $550

Recurrent cost

Annual hosting fee per library or branch (quarterly or annually) $1545

Optional services

Catalogue data conversion from MARC source - as a guideline ... $200
Catalogue data conversion from non-MARC source - as a guideline ... $500
Patron data conversion from a spreadsheet or data source ... $200
Training per day - 1 day if you are using only circulation and cataloguing, 2 days recommended if you are using serials, budgets and acquisitions. $770

Our Library Systems Mission

Build, integrate and manage efficient and sustainable systems.
Innovate in functionality, design and building technology, tailor-suiting them to the needs and preferences of each library.
Assist and advice librarians and staff with all levels of technology expertise.
Use the best available open source components and our own integration systems to create well-rounded solutions.

About Koha

Koha's Open Source Library Management System (meaning "gift" in Māori) was developed by the Horowhenua Library Trust in New Zealand in 1999 and made available in Open Source.

Disclaimer: while Prosentient Systems provides Koha hosting we do not represent the Koha community. It is represented by a diverse group of Koha hosting providers and Koha libraries around the world. Its community home page can be found at www.koha-community.org.

Who We Are

We are an IT company that builds, integrates and manages efficient and sustainable systems. We innovate in functionality, design and building technology according to the client needs and preferences. Assist and advice clients with all levels of technology expertise. Use the best available open source components and our own integration systems to create well-rounded solutions.

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