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Suite 72, 330 Wattle Street
Ultimo, NSW, 2007

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Prosentient Systems has a reputation for high quality support and efficient processes of communication to handle requests and issues.

Have you reviewed the documentation?

Some issues involving product knowledge are surprisingly easy to resolve by referring to the extensive online manuals and step-by-step instructions that are available for our products.

Koha manuals and resources: http://manual.koha-community.org

Online Koha FAQ: http://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/

If you still are not able to solve it, do not hesitate to contact us!

Are you a registered Mantis user? 

If you have a Mantis account, login to the Mantis issue management system and complete a Problem Report. 

We encourage clients to document any issues with our applications or services through this system, as it helps us provide a quicker response and keep a reliable record for issues that require followup. This way we can record, assign and update all support requests from the time notified until marked as resolved. You will also be able to review and update your current and closed requests at any time.

Not a Mantis user yet?

Call us on +61 2 9212 0899 during business hours 9am-5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Else, use the Contact Form to alert us.

Who We Are

We are an IT company that builds, integrates and manages efficient and sustainable systems. We innovate in functionality, design and building technology according to the client needs and preferences. Assist and advice clients with all levels of technology expertise. Use the best available open source components and our own integration systems to create well-rounded solutions.

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+61 2 9212 0899

+61 2 9212 0885




Suite 72/ 330 Wattle St

      Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia