Library Systems
Web Services


Using the best available open source components and our own integration systems, we create well rounded solutions for libraries. 

Our products and services are tailored to the needs and preferences of each library. We can assist and train librarians with all levels of technological expertise. We are experts at a range of library metadata formats and ontologies. 

Our flagship products are Koha Library Management System and DSpace Repository for digital library holdings, together with our own library loans and document delivery systems: Inter-docs, Inter-loans, lnter-search and Inter-publish.


Prosentient applies industry-leading solutions to information-intensive web applications and apps developed across IOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone. 

We are specialists in collaborative solutions and can help your business innovate. 

We provide professional consulting services on web and app-based deployment, integration and hosting of information management products, such as Content Management Systems (CMSs). Our solutions are typically built around tried and tested Open Source software components. We can also provide systems integration assistance and data conversion.