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What are the costs of carpooling?

We suggest that drivers and passengers take alternate turns to drive, so that there is no need for financial transactions. If you do decide to carry a passenger who does not own a car then you will need to calculate how much each journey is costing you, so that you can share the cost. We provide an estimate of the journey fuel cost on the website as a guide only. This link can be found on the journey match page which is displayed when you login. It's best to sort out any reimbursement before you start to carpool to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the arrangements. To avoid any embarrassment, passengers should pay the driver before they leave the vehicle at the end of each journey, unless other arrangements have been made. Please note that drivers should not make a profit from sharing a car as this can invalidate their insurance and tax and our Terms and Conditions for project participation. If you have any concerns please contact your insurance company directly.

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