Submitted by sysadmin on Thu, 22/09/2011 - 03:15
Koha new feature: Add a page to your OPAC (2)

We have added a new feature which allows you to add additional content pages to your Koha OPAC website without needing to do customisation.

You need to have HTML skills to fully use this feature at present ...

... but the process is very simple.

Create a system preference called "PageContentsxxxxxx" where xxxxx is the name of the page. This page can be linked to as follows:

Here is an example of the process to add an FAQ page to the catalogue.


Take the following steps:

(1) Log into the staff client and click on the System Preferences link
(2) Click on the "local use" tab
(3) Click the New Preference button.
(4) Fill in the form as follows:

Explanation - eg. "This is our faq page"

Variable - the page name, which must start with the prefix "PageContents" followed by a page ID, eg. "PageContentsFAQ" where FAQ is the page ID

Value: - the HTML for your page - eg. "This is my FAQ Page" (with appropriate html tags)

Variable Type: textarea

(5) SAVE
(6) You can now link to this page using a URL that calls the page ID, for example:

Typically you would do this by adding this link into your OpacNav system preference.

To add the above example to OpacNav you take the following steps:

(1) Click on the OPAC tab in System Preferences
(2) Click to edit the OpacNav system preference
(3) Add the following HTML code

<a href="/cgi-bin/koha/">FAQ</a>

(4) SAVE!

You can use this technique to extend your OPAC with as many pages as you require!

At some point we will extend this by enabling a WYSIWYG editor to make it easier to enter your content.