Submitted by sysadmin on Wed, 23/05/2012 - 05:51
Dairy Australia chooses DSpace and us to host it

Dairy Australia has chosen the DSpace open-source digital library solution hosted by Prosentient Solutions for its library of print and electronic publications.

Dairy Australia is the national services body for dairy farmers and the industry and is funded by levy. Its role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment, and achieve a profitable, sustainable dairy industry.

Dairy Australia conducts R&D throughout the dairy supply chain, identifying the opportunities that give farmers and the industry the best return-on-investment. It works with government and other industry partners to generate cost efficiencies and leverage knowledge, including from its own research in areas such as business practice and resource management.
Dairy Australia produces a range of practical publications to assist farmers and other industry stakeholders.  Its Library houses a unique collection of key dairy industry works (in print and electronic format), reference materials, dairy history, dairy science and technology, agricultural science, farm management, economics and trade, market intelligence and research content. 
The library provides a range of information services and resources for clients who are members of the dairy industry.  Members of the public such as consumers, students, and job seekers are also able to access and download information directly from the Dairy Australia publications page on the website.